Becoming Unstuck

We all have those days when we get a little stuck. Life seems to lack momentum and that sense of uncertainty starts to creep in. We don’t feel as confident or as beautiful or as motivated as we did the day before. The sun doesn’t shine as brightly and the grass isn’t quite as green. We feel deflated and then suffocated and claustrophobic.

The questions start. Why do I have this job? Why am I in this relationship? Why am I not performing better? Our minds become a confused mix of emotions and ideas which for some reason just won’t settle or produce any one clear course of action. We’re searching for answers, but nothing seems to work.

I’ve been here recently and a friend of mine reminded me, ‘You have the answer, just get quiet enough to hear it.’ It is a reminder and a challenge we would all do well to undertake. So here’s a plan which may help both you and I on our way.

Reminder 1: Slow Down
Let’s just stop for a second, breathe, take look around us and appreciate life for what it is. We become so captivated by the glitter of the future that we forget to enjoy the gold of our present.

Get rid of the distractions and fully engage with every present moment. I’ve seen a huge improvement in the quality of the time I spend with people because I made a simple decision to not use my mobile phone when out for dinner or coffee or shopping with friends.

Keep the cellphone out of sight or better yet leave it in the car altogether.

You will find that this small decision to redirect your focus will create an incredible flow of energy throughout the interaction between yourself and the other party, allowing you to both fully engage in a far more bonding, intimate manner.

This presence of mind will allow you to observe and understand your immediate environment, take advantage of each opportunity as it presents itself and experience every part of life to its fullest potential. If you are going to be there physically, then be there mentally as well and don’t be half living.

Reminder 2: Be Honest
Don’t be afraid of the questions, embrace them with an open mind, be honest, allow them to challenge your beliefs and push you outside the box. Ask the right questions and ask them again and again until the truth emerges.

Lately I’ve had to question some of my own personal relationships which aren’t as healthy or positive as I would like. This involves some difficult conversations. Do we really trust each other? Is what I want here the same as what you do? Are we open, honest and truthful with each other? Do you resent me?

These aren’t easy questions and sometimes answers aren’t that easy either. More often than not we reveal truths about our own character that we don’t really want to face up to or have to admit. It is the most humbling and conflicting experience.

However, if your questions and answers DO feel uncomfortable and unpleasant then become excited! You’ve stepped outside your limiting perceptions and suddenly the opportunities have become endless.

Reminder 3: Be Courageous
This is the hard part. If it’s not the right city, or the right career, or the right relationship then have the courage to take that leap of faith and make a change.

First of all give yourself permission to make that decision. Your discernment and intuition will guide you well each time and you need to fully trust that. Make a DECISION, then take ACTION and create a massive shift that will propel your life toward a more fulfilling, loving future.

Reminder 4: Remember Why
If I ever lose direction and purpose at work I look back to why I started working for my company, Elite Trade Services, in the first place.

“Elite Trade Services is a family company, founded with the purpose of providing a stable livelihood for families making their way in the world. We strive for a community that puts people first.”

All of a sudden my world has meaning again and I understand and am certain of why I wake up every day and do what I do best with the people I love the most.

Don’t forget your ‘why’ it will always ground you, always give you purpose, always bring meaning to your life.

So yes, we all have those days when we get a little stuck. You have yours, and I have mine, and everyone else has theirs, but in the end we all have the answer so let’s all just get quiet enough to hear it.

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  1. Tendy Cooper says:

    Wow!! That was so inspirational, you are so right!! Defiantly food for thought. (I think You have found your calling) xx

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