Learn to ‘Heart-talk’ with Storytelling

Storytelling is important in the world of business today because people crave to feel that emotional stirring deep inside. Whether it’s hope or hate, sadness or joy, we all want to be made to feel something deeper.

The way to connect with people on that level is by sharing stories of our own personal failures and successes, exposing the truth about our past and getting vulnerable about what we’ve been through.

Your Story Makes You Human

Sharing personal stories with our colleagues, friends, business partners informs them that we are just as they are. Human.

People can relate to me when I describe how when I was 18 I used to live in a 2 bedroom house with my parents and 7 brothers and sisters when we first came to Christchurch because it helps them understand what I’ve been through to be standing where I am today. It inspires them to keep faith in their hopes and dreams no matter what. They know if I can do it, they can too.

People Know When You’re Lying

The market these days literally has an inbuilt bullshit radar. We are fed so much information and noise in the marketing world that we’ve developed a resistance to anything fake and are becoming fussy about what we will and will not consume.
The only thing powerful enough to cut through the hype is open and vulnerable heartfelt sharing.

Sharing personal stories openly is scary because we fear social rejection. We’ve created a picture perfect version of our lives that we want everyone to believe in and this is good too because, quote, Focus on where you want to go, not where you are, unquote. However, we’ve got to get real and authentic as well.

Your Story Can Inspire

It’s not easy for me to tell people about what happened with my first company. The sleepless nights, the months of battling for payment of debts, staff leaving, scarcity of new staff and on and on. It’s not easy for me to tell people that I can’t see most of my family anymore because I chose a better pathway in life when I chose to move to Christchurch so they disowned me. That shit is hard. It still hurts, but I would make all the same choices I have again because it’s my story to write and it’s given me the mental fortitude and perseverance that fuels my success today.

The best way for me to let you know that it’s cool to go through the wars and that you will come out on the other side is because I’ve been there and I did it. So you can too. I believe in you.

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