Spiritual practices for a vibrant, happy life

Is your energy light or heavy?

Does life flow with ease or are you trudging?

Happiness doesn’t fall out of the sky, but I stumbled upon mine unexpectedly. I was doing my darndest to live the best life I could. Then I woke up one day and noticed the lens through which I viewed life had changed. It was more purpose-filled, colourful and meaningful.

But it wasn’t fluke. The daily spiritual practices you adopt create a life you love or loathe. Here are the ones that guided me to happiness.

Don’t overthink

Paralysis by analysis is depressive. I live by this powerful reminder,

Perhaps I don’t have the perfect speech, script or product yet, but if I reach out and share my vision that’s a step forward.

There is no perfect way to get started, but the most important thing is that you push through any resistance and START. The skills, mindset and tools you need will present themselves as you go.

When I was preparing for my TEDx Talk I worried for having less than six weeks to prepare. I realised, I must simply start and agree with the crew on a deadline. In one week I had a rough draft completed. A rough draft is messy and not at all perfect. But it’s a START.

ABOVE: Lilia’s final TEDxChristchurch rehearsal the day before the talk

If you don’t know ask

When I’m struggling to begin for lack of confidence or knowledge the reminder is,

Someone else knows what I do not. Someone has done what I have not. Find them. Enrol them in my mission.

There are endless tools and resources out there to support your success, but you must search out and utilise them. Here’s a few that keep me racing forward: mentors, team members, books, videos, events.

ABOVE: TEDx Christchurch 2017 event organisers, volunteers and speakers.

Slow and steady wins the race

Remember that the compound effect of consistent small action is more powerful than inconsistent spurts of action. I constantly ask, What actions am I taking on a daily consistent basis? How do these contribute to the growth of my business?

When growth is slow it’s most often because core business activities have been ignored or overlooked. Reintroducing basic ingredients is the solution to faster growth.

Here’s the paradox. Sometimes a step back is actually a leap forward. Slow down to speed up.

Be willing to fail

Along the way you will inevitably fail, but mistakes are a good thing. In fact, they are a GREAT thing! They are better teachers than success. I continue to fail at many things in life. I say things I don’t mean, am rude to people instead of kind or snap at loved ones. I’ve missed sending out my newsletter, forgotten to follow up with a prospect and spent money I don’t have. Each of these experiences has taught me important lessons.

So if you make a mistake, smile, clap your hands and give gratitude for the lesson. The gorgeous benefit is that mistakes create confidence, because you quickly learn what works and what doesn’t. Go all in on what works and let go of what doesn’t.

Spring clean relationships

And here’s a nugget of spiritual gold:

Clinging to relationships with people who degrade and diminish your shine is a waste of precious energy and time.

Take an honest look at each person in your life and ask, Do they grow me or slow me?

When I published my memoir there were people who fought my decision. After lots of draining phone calls and disagreements I realised that my job was not to keep everyone happy. My purpose was to blossom to the fullness of my potential, and to ask others to grant themselves the same gift.

Some journeyed with me. Others were left behind. I was happy either way. I was able to speak my truth in love, welcome hard questions, yet be willing to walk away from pointless conversations.

This awareness replaced thoughts of doubt with beliefs of possibility. I gave myself permission to honour my choices in spite of stones thrown in my direction.

ABOVE: Click this image to read Lilia’s book ‘Daughter of Gloriavale: My Life in a Religious Cult via MightyApe.co.nz

Diligently self care

I won’t lie. I have a chronic Messiah complex, as well as oldest child syndrome. Classic overachiever. Sometimes I think the weight of the world rests on my shoulders. I say, Yes! too often. But I’m learning to say, No. I’m learning that less is more, delegation is key and health is most important.

My self-care routine includes regular exercise, hydration, supplementation, healthy organic foods and mindfood (books, conferences, podcasts). Cultivating an attitude of self-care has been the beating heart of my success.

ABOVE: Lilia selecting produce from a farmer’s market in Los Angeles.

ABOVE: The immune system booster supplement you can buy from Lilia’s store. Click image to purchase.

It’s a self-preservation and fortification ritual because it ensures mental and physical stores are stocked to withstand attack. Yet more than that, it’s a rite of self-love that grants me permission to follow my heart. Permission to chase my dreams. Permission to share a message of courage with the world. Permission to hold space for people I teach. Permission to get out of bed each morning, smile and make others do the same.

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