You are worthy of love, and we’re all hungry for it

you are worthy of love lilia tarawa

We smile at texts from the new lover on the scene, snuggle together in movie theatres, embrace and lose ourselves in passionate kisses. A kaleidoscope of sensations resurrects the lifelessness of the station wagon we drive to our bland day job in an uninspired office cubicle. Or whatever your unsatisfying reality is…

How good does it feel to be wanted? Someone wants me. Someone needs me. It’s a light burst through the canopy of self-doubt and loneliness that shrouds us.

Then circumstances change, feelings change and someone leaves. Our self-esteem balloon deflates, or worse, pops with a BANG!

Then the self-talk starts, Why was I so stupid to think it would last? I’m not good enough. I’m not pretty enough. I don’t make enough money. I don’t deserve happiness anyway.

How do we come back from that? How do we break the habitual cycle of self cursing?

Perhaps the questions are the answers, because you’re all asking me one hopeful question. How can I love myself more?

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Love doesn’t show up every day like oxygen. It’s something we pump into our lungs. All of us are connected to a universal love tank of never-ceasing life support. Your heart is the gateway to this heavenly dimension. When you open your heart to receive clean energy, spiritual nourishment is drawn down into your body and mind.

Likewise there are black holes which leech marrow from the very bones of your life source. These energy suckers are unforgiving and indifferent to suffering. Without mercy, they pillage, burn and rape the self-esteem you’ve built. They take the form of violent words and dark emotions that lash out to scourge those we love.

Whatever energy source you connect with becomes your reality. You can choose how to recharge your spiritual battery. When you choose light you become light. What do you think happens when you choose darkness?

I’m choosing to stay aware of the energetic sources to which I’m tethered. Especially when I’m wearing fresh bruises and old wounds from past and present pains. Because it’s easy to opt for black holes when I’m hurting. They have an uncanny resemblance to the darkness I feel.

Unplug from black holes and build portals to divine light

Your messages haunt me. I open my inbox and sense your hunger for nourishment. You say to me, I need to know what authentic self worth is. It is difficult for me to love myself the way I love other people. I struggle with nurturing inner child and developing healthy self-esteemI hear your cries. Now let me anoint you with light. Love for others really is self love…

The whole cosmos is a mirror which reflects back your perceived reality. You are constantly communicating with the universe through your thoughts and actions. They remodel your reality by sending signals and instructions to other matter particles. You magnetically draw in what you are and repel what you are not.

When you cast judgement and criticise the universe inevitably returns the favour. We hate in others what we hate in ourselves. But when we pour love from our hearts it’s shone back upon us.

The love you see in me is a reflection of your own

Every interaction by which you give love is a spiritual practice of receiving it. Don’t you see? Love is already here, but your judgement of it severs your connection to it. The very thought that you do not love yourself cripples the relationship between your spirit and holiness.

It’s time to unplug from black holes and build portals to divine light. I’m choosing to praise my ability to love. When I see a colleague winning I’ll pat them on the back. When my lover is attentive I’ll gasp, You rock! When a friend puts effort into her hair and make up I’ll pay generous compliments. All these practices affirm my place as a child of love and light.

Sometimes the black holes will scramble my signal and my spaceship will get lost. But I’ll always come home to love no matter how long it takes me or how many universes I have to traverse.

Will you come back home?


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you are worthy of love lilia tarawaPhoto Credit: Joe Foot

Free will is your ticket to enlightenment Click To Tweet

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  1. Lauren Rosse says:

    SO much Love and Respect dear Heart!! Aloha nui loa ~

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