The art of true happiness — forged in authenticity

Compromising your truth will not make you happy

I’m happiest when I’m being my authentic self. I am a non-Christian who is more than pleased to disavow religious bigotry, dogmatism and intolerance. The equalist in me is proud of my integrity when I speak against sexism and the degradation of other humans.

I learned the hard way that doing and saying what pleases others will not make you happy if you compromise who you are during the process. Inauthenticity will rob you of joy by degrading your integrity. It will steal a piece of your soul.

How to stop letting yourself (and others) down

If you’re a chronic people pleaser you’ll find it difficult to be your real self because of what others might think. This is ego. It means you have aggrandised your own importance. You fear threatening your perceived self image by showing people who you really are.

You distress over social acceptance because you’ve created a fantasy of how you ‘need to’ or ‘should’ be in order for others to love you. Inevitably, you won’t live up to this expectation because it’s incongruent with your authentic self. You’ve set yourself up to fail by injecting yourself with the values and expectations of others.

The simplest strategy for confidence

Commit to being authentic. Let go of ego. Strip down naked and bare your strengths and gifts. Show up as the giant you are and stop living as a shrunken version of yourself.

Initially, it will feel uncomfortable because you’ve created a disillusioned self image, and given others an inaccurate perception of who you are. Both you and they will resist getting to know the real you, but you’ve got to destroy the inauthentic fantasy version of yourself to be reborn in the fires of truth.

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It’s a beautiful side-effect of surrendering to your truth. Some will dislike it. Smile and wave them goodbye. You don’t need judgemental, unsupportive, egotistical naysayers in your life. Truth seekers, angels of light and higher vibrational beings will ‘see’ you, in fact, we saw you the moment we laid eyes on you.

You will become very sexy

Once you make a habit of showing up as your authentic self it gets easier. As you assert your truth you’ll grow confident, and very sexy…because authenticity is sexy! We love watching you dance naked before the fires of your truth. We’re rushing to beat the tribal drums of belonging, paint worthiness on your skin and tattoo affirmation on your body.

The blaze of your truth will ignite a revolution. The bonfire of your wild heart will incinerate the anxiety of social acceptance. You’ll grant others permission to rebel against social expectations, and you’ll be fucking smiling while you do it.


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true happiness is forged in authenticityPhoto Credit: Joe Foot

Destroy the inauthentic fantasy version of yourself to be reborn in the fires of truth Click To Tweet

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