Rebirth from despair to happiness

Do you feel dead inside? Lifeless, purpose-lacking, dejected or depressed?

There’s a lighthouse in the fog of despair. A dream is the lantern. Determination is the lighthouse keeper.

What would it feel like to wake each morning, blessed, invigorated and inspired to be alive?
How would it feel to be stimulated and purposeful?
What would that be worth to you?

When I stood before a mirror 2 years ago and declared, ‘You can do this,’ I had no idea what I referred to or how I’d ‘do this’. But I was done with crying myself to sleep at night, breathing into a bag to stop panic attacks and feeling defeated by life’s circumstances.

My business was failing, my health deteriorating and my relationship falling apart. Sadly, even after this declaration of hope, I lost the business, my relationship and my health. But I had a North Star: faith. You will never have another mental breakdown, I promised myself.

I scoured till I found a new business I could do part-time where I didn’t have to invest hundreds-of-thousands to start, and I could help others. I read books, attended conferences, listened to podcasts and did a helluva load of soul-searching and honest self-reflection.

My brain poured words into journals where I made lists of what gave me joy and what drained my happiness, then set the mother of all intentions.

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I didn’t sprint to I-feel-ten-feet-tall. First, I dragged myself into good health, crawled into a business launch, fumbled my way into a book contract, then toddled into a speaking career.

I learned to catch the you-are-not-good-enough voices in my head and starve them of attention. I watered the blooming inner child who loved animals, people, art, music and nature. I learned to let myself giggle, cry, jump for joy, scowl, laugh or dance if I felt the urge.

I stopped medicating and started meditating. My fridge overflowed with organic produce and the pantry burst with high-grade dietary supplements. Each morning the yoga mat, sprawled on my front deck, gifted me peace of mind and bodily strength.

My negative life metamorphosised into a positive, prosperous one through a slow, deliberate process of birthing from the cocoon of self-doubt I’d made my home. Today, I have a career in healing, writing and speaking because I said, ‘Goodbye despair, hello happiness’.


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Do more of what brings you joy and less of what drains or defeats you Click To Tweet

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1 Response

  1. Paran Jeet says:

    Extremely touching/moving life story. Very sad and painful to read. Failure after failure……soul destroying. However, your courage, determination, tenacity and resolve paid off the dividends in the end. Simply because you never gave up as many would do in the face of adversity. By believing in yourself, you turned failure and negativity into things positive and now lucrative in life. As a “fighter” myself, your life experiences totally resonate with my various ups and downs in life. It’s my unwavering FAITH and HOPE that wins most of my battles in life. Bravo Lilia. Wish you all the courage and fortitude in life. Ps. I value and respect you MORE as a person now.

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