lilia tarawa young sophisticated business woman

What are your wildest dreams?

What are your fears?

I met my first business coach when I was a 23 and managing a company in a male dominated industry. My coach told me, Stop asking for permission to build your wealth and leave a legacy. 

His advice stuck in my mind. It became the armour I clothed myself with. It reminded me, This your one extraordinary life. Live it.

That single piece of advice drew me into the wild world of entrepreneurship, urged me to write and publish a memoir and girded me with the courage to fulfill my destiny even while stones were  thrown in my direction.

Today I am published author, public speaker and business owner with numerious features including The Guardian, Sunday Magazine, Women’s Day, Dailymail.co.uk and more.

So what are your dreams?

Where are you stuck?

Maybe the single piece of advice that can change your life is on this website. Maybe it’s written in a book. Maybe it’s woven into our programme.

Recently I worked with a single mother of 4, working 2 part-time jobs and battling depression. After 3 weeks in our programme, she had started her own business, ceased anti-depressants after 11 years of using and moved her children to a better home.

This was her breakthrough. Are you ready for yours?

Yes, I’m Ready For A Breakthrough