Make your dream a reality

This apprenticeship makes it simple to kickstart a new career as a holistic healthy lifestyle coach.

You will complete your apprenticeship with a unique team of coaches who are inspired about health, financial independence and personal development.

For the coach who is ready to master the art of creating a powerful practice.




The 5-Part Coaching Launch Pad

1. Vision

You’ll get clear on your inspired life’s purpose and find your big vision. You will create your own powerful purpose that defines – who you want to BE, what you want to DO and what you would like to HAVE – for life.

This is a vision that brings colour and meaning to every thing in your life. A vision that lives in your heart and mind’s eye and is yours and yours alone.

2. Strategy

You will uncover your most meaningful goals, and you will learn how to make your goals a reality by taking daily action in a Step-by-Step Weekly Action Plan (WAP). You will learn how to achieve your goals by knowing exactly what to do each day and what not to do – in a way that makes you feel truly ALIVE.

3. Mindset

“The greatest discovery of my generation is that a human being can alter his life by altering his attitudes.” – William James

You will identify any beliefs standing between you and your vision. With powerful weekly one-on-one deep coaching you will discover how to break through these limits one at a time.

You’ll learn the mental shifts necessary to initiate your success and how to transform your perceptions about your life. You will learn how to speak to yourself and how not to. You’ll draw out and hone your greatest strengths and find the courage to stand in your own confidence.

You will experience significant change in your attitude toward and behaviour in life. The outcome will be that you will learn how to love life and live fully and powerfully into your purpose.

4. Skillset

You will develop skills in the art of powerful client creation – by referral and invitation. You will learn necessary and sustainable skills that allow you to create money and financial independence – for a lifetime.

You will learn to facilitate clients through the apprenticeship program by educating, inspiring and empowering them through the 5-part system.

You will receive access to weekly live online training from leaders and role models in the health and success industry and an extensive library of written, video and audio resources.

5. Integration

You will develop your own powerful wealth creation platform by learning how to combine the 2 Essential Elements of Success in a step-by-step system to create clients and money.

The 2 Essential Elements of Success:


  • Learn how to create financial independence
  • Discover personal & professional breakthrough
  • Design the lifestyle you dream about


  • Training in nutritional health sciences:
    • Nutrition and diet (optimal)
    • Optimal macro and micro nutrient status (effect in the body)
    • Oxidative stress and free radical damage prevention
  • Weekly events (national and international) with a platform to educate and inspire clients

Have you ever watched people you love sacrifice their health to gain their wealth and then spend their wealth trying to regain their health. I have and I want to make sure you know that there are better options for you. Discover the magic that happens with you mix wealth and health.

Are you the following type of person…

  • Would like extra income or financial independence
  • Values personal development
  • Loves to inspire, educate and help others

…then this health and wealth creation apprenticeship could be the right fit.

You’re interested!

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